10-17-2021: Lab Hike #4 Jasna Polana & Stony Brook, followed by lab party

08-16-2021: Welcome our new lab member: Sumiyya Raheem

06-25-2021: Congratulations to Matt on passing his candidacy exam

05-28-2021: Lab Hike #3 Institute Woods & Delaware Raritan Canal followed by lab party

03-13-2021: Aysenur’s paper is accepted at JBC. Congratulations Aysenur !

03-03-2012: Congratulations to Nawoo on passing her candidacy exam !

12-18-2020: Good by to John, small mainly outdoors party in the cold

11-21-2020: Lab Hike #2 South Mountain Reservation, good by to Su

11-07-2020: Su’s paper is accepted in the Journal of Neuroscience. Congratulations Su!

09-05-2020: Lab hike, South Mountain Reservation, in lieu of the annual lab party

09-01-2020: Welcome our new lab member: Bo-Hyun Lee

08-28-2020: John successfully defended his thesis, Congrats Dr. Del Rosario !

08-17-2020: Phase 3 of COVID lockdown starts; max. 75% occupancy masks and social distancing mandatory. Exact start date was not actually clear.

06-22-2020: Phase 2 of COVID lockdown starts, 50% occupancy in lab, masks and social distancing mandatory

04-28-2020: Luyu’s paper on DAGK regulation of TRPV1 is accepted at JBC, congrats Luyu !

04-28-2020: Siyuan’s paper on disease associated mutations in TRPM3 is accepted, Congrats Siyuan!

03-16-2020: COVID-19 lockdown phase 1 starts – mostly working from home, critical experiments only

03-06-2020: John’s paper is accepted at EMBO Reports, Congrats John !

08-02-2019: John’s manuscript on the regulation of Piezo channels by Gi-coupled receptors is posted on BioRxiv:

07-04-2019: Annual lab party with Hungarian food

06-19-2019: Luyu defended her PhD thesis, congratulations Dr. Liu !

05-24-2019: John’s received an email from his Program Officer that his F99/K00 will be  funded, Congratulations John !

04-29-2019: Luyu’s paper is accepted at the Journal of Neuroscience, Congrats Luyu !

04-13-2019: Yevgen’s paper is accepted in the British Journal of Pharmacology. Congrats Yevgen, and Happy Birthday !

02-23-2019: Aysenur’s paper on regulation of TRPV1 by phosphoinositides is on BioRxiv:

12-22-2018: Welcome our newest lab member Songxue Su !

10-17-2018: Our second BioRxiv preprint by Yevgen Yudin on G-protein biased µ-opioid receptor agonists is on line now: doi:

09-06-2018: The first BioRxiv preprint from he lab on the mechanism of receptor mediated regulation  of TRPM8 by Luyu Liu is on line:

08-27-2018: Welcome our newest lab member Janhavi Nagwekar !

08-02-2018: Notice of Grant Award arrived for renewal of NIH grant NS055159 – it is official 🙂

07-08-2018: Welcome our newest lab member Nawoo Kim !

06-25-2018: Congrats to Siyuan on passing her candidacy exam ! Welcome to thesis phase !

06-08-2018: I launched this website, after over a decade of thinking about making one and procrastinating, it took less than two days to do it 🙂

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